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Together with our employees, we strive to ensure that energy flows safely and reliably through our grids day and night. We are delivering more and more renewable energy to our customers. With governments, businesses, and households, we work on facilitating the energy transition in our service area and are building the energy system of the future together. On this portal, you can learn how we implement this and we provide accountability through our annual reports and interim reports.

Annual report 2023

Watch the video to get updated on the achieved results in less than 2 minutes.

Or instead, go directly to our annual report where we give account of our key activities and achievements in 2023.

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Foreword by the Executive Board

The energy transition is changing our energy system. Companies are transitioning from natural gas to electricity and eventually also to hydrogen. Households are switching to (hybrid) heat pumps, electric vehicles, and induction cooking. This change leads to the largest renovation of the energy system in our generation: from a system based on fossil sources to one based on sustainable sources. We therefore focus on expanding the electricity grid. We anticipated an increase in demand for electricity. However, the pace of that growth was unforeseen by anyone. The acceleration has come much sooner and is much greater than expected….

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We keep on building

That was our motto in 2023. We expanded our grid capacity more than ever before. A glimpse into the projects we worked on with full energy.

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2023 in figures

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2023 at a glance

Our focus is entirely on the implementation of the energy transition. In 2023 at a glance, we show what we have achieved here in 2023, among other things.

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Working at Enexis

At Enexis, we ensure energy in your life through our network. Via thousands of kilometers of cables and pipelines underground. And we excel in our work because we are proudly one of the most reliable grid operators in the world. This is thanks to our employees. Each and every one of them is a go-getter. People who don't shy away from the greatest challenge of our time but roll up their sleeves and tackle it. Whether they have a technical background or not, everyone contributes to the energy transition at our company.

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